What We Do


Very simply, we offer a combination of both Commercial and Sports photography services.


Sports covered can be anything from Motor-sports to Mixed-Martial-Arts.   From Marathons to Equestrian Events via Sled-Dog Racing.    Examples of sports covered are not on this website, but you can view a few of the sports covered with this link:  https://www.philipcurnow.co.uk/sports.html


Commercial photography is really divided between Public Relations and Advertising - but it's a very blurred line between the two.


We can shoot Advertising photography almost anywhere in the Mainland UK, as long as we can get a vehicle (4x4) near to where the shoot is.  So if your advertising needs calls for us to set up a studio in the corner of a factory or an office to shoot products or staff head shots, that's not a problem (just make sure we have the space please) - or if your advertising needs call for us to set up in a forest, in an opencast mine, in a recycling centre or anywhere that would be considered "difficult" to photograph in, then please just ask us.  If we need to use lighting, then all of our flash lights can be battery as well as mains powered, so we are not restricted to shooting by locations without power.  Obviously, if shooting outdoors we are restricted by the weather, so using flash lighting in rain or windy conditions will cause a problem.


Public Relations Photography.  Again, we can shoot anywhere on the Mainland UK, as long as it's possible to get a 4x4 there - or if that's difficult such as a remote hill-top or island, you will need to provide the helicopter transport.  Public Relations can be anything from covering an event of any sort for "The Sponsors", attending an exhibition to capture the images of the stands and visitors, Product Launches, Important Building or Facilities Openings, Awards Ceremonies . . . . in fact, almost any sort of event where a professional image will be required instead of something taken with a mobile phone.


We have photographed everywhere from Military Ranges to Medical Operating Theatres and everything from Energy Supplements to Bio-Mas Plants and components for the Nuclear Industry.  Obviously, we can't show example images of some of the mores sensitive images we have taken, but if you have a project in mind, please have a chat with us to see what is possible.


Ideally, we like to talk through any needs you have and the potential photo-shoot before we even start the photographic process - so - if you are looking for professional photography, please talk through your ideas with us, what outcomes you need, what sort of budget you have and anything else that could influence the process and we will help you move from start to finish throughout the process.


As noted, our main output is targeted at the commercial, corporate, governmental, sports and educational sectors.  For various reasons, we have chosen NOT to photograph in the Boudoir / Soft-porn arena - so please don’t ask us to shoot those sorts of images.




Philip Curnow Photography provides an affordable and professional photographic service in all of mainland UK.

Contact us via our “Contact Page”, or telephone us on: 01686 688235.

Philip shoots a wide range of genres including Architecture, Documentary, Event, Portrait, Stilllife, Sport, Watersport, Food, Industry/Transport and Landscape photography.

We are often asked to cover News Coverage,  Public Relations  and  we also provide Property Photography for both Residential and Commercial (Office, Retail and Industrial) Buildings.

Photographic Studio facilities are available, as well as Mobile Studio Services being available for use at the clients premises or on location with or without mains power.


Philip has a wide range of archival images which are available to licence