Why use us for your Ecommerce, Commercial and Advertising Photography.


Very simply, we are cost-effective. We produce high-quality images, we have a long history of commercial photography for small, medium and large companies.  We understand the psychology of marketing images - and that should help YOUR sales by presenting your products and services in the best light we are able to.


Of course, you could "Do-it-Yourself" and buy a quality camera, lens and lighting kit.  Probable cost about £4000 - £5000 (Please don't think about using IPhone / Compact camera quality photos, they are unlikely to be good enough -  and poor photos drive customers away) plus of course, you will need to be able to edit the images after you have shot them - so that's going to be something like Photoshop -  which also means learning how to use the camera, Photoshop and the psychology of marketing - so perhaps you'll need to book yourself onto a photography degree course as well.


This is where we become cost-effective.  For most businesses, a session of between two and four hours is sufficient, although if you literally have hundreds of products for your Ecommerce site it'll take longer.  Typically, for a two-hour session we can get through about 20 small products (say, about the size of a laptop) - but they do need to be ready to photograph and we do need someone of your staff (or two if the items are large and heavy) to move the products between shots - and of course, we need space at your business to set up a "Studio".  That gives you an investment per product starting about £15.   With a four hour session we would expect to get through about 50 products which reduces the individual cost to just £10 per product.  For that you normally get two high quality (300 dpi) images per product, one in PNG format and one in JPG format (Delivered via our own WeTransfer pages) and they can be used on your Website, Social Networking sites and being high quality, can be used in your printed marketing material, posters, etc.  If your company is selling services, not individual products, then you will probably get about the same number of images, but just in JPG format, unless you need something different.


We are here to help with your marketing and win YOU more business, just ask us.

Photograph taken for Nationwide Fencing for their new Website marketing project. Photograph taken for UK Workbenches for their new website. Photograph taken for Park Timber Image produced for Tettenhall Fireplaces for their new brochure.

Philip Curnow Photography provides an affordable and professional photographic service in all of mainland UK.

Contact us via our “Contact Page”, or telephone us on: 01686 688235.

Philip shoots a wide range of genres including Architecture, Documentary, Event, Portrait, Stilllife, Sport, Watersport, Food, Industry/Transport and Landscape photography.

We are often asked to cover News Coverage,  Public Relations  and  we also provide Property Photography for both Residential and Commercial (Office, Retail and Industrial) Buildings.

Photographic Studio facilities are available, as well as Mobile Studio Services being available for use at the clients premises or on location with or without mains power.


Philip has a wide range of archival images which are available to licence